• To empower underprivileged members of rural households.
  • Providing them with a means for better life and financial well-being.
  • To be one of the most preferred rural financial services provider


  • To cater to the financial services needs of a million underserved Rural households by building a network presence in at least 10 states by 2026
  • To offer a range of relevant financial services; beyond group microfinance loans - to micro-enterprises and small businesses; leveraging our technology, data science capabilities and deep customer insights.
  • To be a preferred employer in our sector by fostering a culture of innovation, learning, meritocracy, creative collaboration, fairness and team spirit

Core Values - Look E.A.S.T.

Efficiency in our operations

  • For sustainable and successful small ticket lending operations; it is necessary to build scale and create efficiencies in all operations and processes and for this building best in class digital and data capabilities is key.

Accountability for our actions

  • We shall take personal ownership for objectives; creatively and collaboratively achieving the same; and honor the commitments made to customers and team members.

Simplicity in our thinking

  • Our design approach is to remove the clutter and the unnecessary from our products, processes and services; and focus on retaining the essential and useful, similar to our customers livelihoods and their essential businesses.

Transparency at all times

  • It is essential to foster a culture of integrity, fairness and transparent communication with both our employees and customers at all times including on terms, fees, charges etc. ; thereby building Trust and long-term relationships.