Pragati FinServ Pvt Ltd

Pragati FinServ Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in Fiscal 2021 with the aim of offering small ticket loans through an efficient, agile and scalable digital platform to under-served rural and semi-urban areas of the country. Pragati is providing it's services as a Business Correspondent to Northern Arc Capital under the leadership of cofounder Mr. Jagadish Babu Ramadugu, an industry veteran.

Pragati has been incorporated to meet the diverse customers' needs of the low-income households of rural and semi-urban areas. Pragati FinServ aims to become a one stop lending shop for its borrowers.

Pragati aspires to have a national footprint and deliver its product nationally and be a dominant player in its area of operation.

The Loan products of Pragati are mainly delivered through JLG Methodology. The team at Pragati has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in the field in understanding the customers segments it wants to serve, their needs and aspirations. The product was designed in line with the customers’ aspirations and their needs."

The target customers of Pragati are low-income households in rural and semi-urban areas, engaged mostly in micro-enterprises and unorganized sectors. Pragati works with its customers at household level with equal focus on women and men. We believe that both women and men play an important role in household decision making.

Technology is the backbone of our organization and is the key differentiator for our organization to grow.

The technology would enable Pragati to provide best in class Customer services, right-sized loans and quick turnaround time and these three would be the key focus for its product delivery.