Buidling a strong rural Retail network

Pragati aims to create a strong rural retail network in its targeted geography. Pragati would establish multiple branches in a district depending upon its potential and risk assessments. These branches are usually located at Taluka headquarters and cover roughly around 100 villages for its operations. The services provided by Pragati would be as a Business Correspondent to Northern Arc Capital

The operations at Pragati branches are managed by the Pragati Mitra and Branch Manager. Pragati recruits from the local community as part of its “Son of Soil Recruitment Strategy”. This ensures that Pragati staff have a very high level of understanding of their borrowers and great empathy with them. The strategy also helps create direct local employment in the area.

To make this successful, Pragati is investing heavily in the training infrastructure and building both digital and physical training capabilities. Every five branches of Pragati have a “state of the art” training infrastructure which are equipped with A&V and Video conferencing facility. Pragati is also creating an online library for all its training content and This is made available to all its staff on their credentials.