Customer Segment

The focus of Pragati is to work with low-income households in rural areas, micro- enterprises and unorganized sector workers. We propose to work at household level with equal focus on women and men. The products of Pragati are tailored to meet the demands of its customer segment.

Microfinance: Joint Liability Group (JLG)

Pragati primarily serves the customers belonging to the Microfinance segment and this would be done through JLG Methodology. The JLG helps customers to avail themselves of loans without any linkage to savings or collateral requirements, especially those without proper access to documents required for bank loans.


Microfinance Plus: JLG Graduate

The next customer segment for Pragati would be Microfinance plus, these would be the customers who have gained experience while availing themselves of credit through Microfinance JLG methodology over the several years and built credit history for themselves. The credit requirements to support their business and income generating activity for such customers have gone up significantly. Customers under this segment will be delivered credit individually.


Small business Owners

Pragati also plans to offer credit to the customers catering to the Small Businesses. These customers are neither part of the traditional microfinance set-up nor do they fulfil the requirements of banks and they are largely excluded from availing themselves of finances from a regulated institution. Pragati has designed the products to meet the needs of such borrowers.