Phygital by Design

As Pragati is targeting low-income households in rural and semi urban areas, most of its target customers are living in the digital shadow. These customers either do not have access to digital tools to access the financial services or they lack digital literacy to use these channels to access credit. Pragati is adopting a phygital or assisted digital mode to deliver credit to its target customers.

Pragati has built a digital workflow application and integrated this with all the latest lending suites such as KYC authentication, Credit Bureau verification, account integration, payment and collection services, credit underwriting using data analytics, geo analytics, rule engine and credit engine etc. Pragati has also adopted the latest technology for its non-lending applications such as HRMIS, Audit, Accounting etc.

The IT infrastructure at Pragati provides unique customer experience and helps provide the services to its customers in a cost-effective and timely manner. The approach also helps Pragati minimize its credit and operation risk.